Sunday, August 10, 2008

The End of Freedom

Sigh of relief: band camp is over. We topped it all off with a performance called "Stepping Out." Basically, we showed family and friends what we learned during camp. Kenny came to be dazzled, and he was a great photographer!

The work isn't over yet, though. Early morning band starts on the second day of school! After school practice starts the following week. Then it'll be time for the real games and marching competitions!!!! Maybe we'll bring some trophies home like last year!!!

Moving on.....much like band camp is over, summer is too. Today is the last Sunday of freedom. Next Sunday doesn't count because it will be a school night (sort of) with our first day back being next Monday! So tonight is our last official Sunday night that we can stay up late and go to Quarter Mania bowling or watch a late movie without paying for it the next day. The freedom will last through the end of the week, although I know I'll end up in my classroom for most of it. Blank bulletin boards and unlabeled book tubs are waiting for me. I can hear them chanting my name. So with freedom coming to an end, and only having seven days left to cherish, I want to make sure I spend them wisely! How do I make that happen? Well, here are some possibilities:
  • Sleep in (at least until 7 or 7:30 am)
  • Swim, swim, swim
  • Get a pedicure
  • Get a massage
  • Take naps
  • See family as much as possible (since work and band will consume any free time)
  • Finish painting the kitchen
  • Listen to my new favorite song over and over: All I Need
  • If I'm working in my room, take a Sonic or Dairy Queen break
Any other ideas?? Hey, Andrea and Ashley, maybe we should take another walk? Whit and Jill could join us!!! This time we would have water, phones, and maybe a GPS.........


  1. Early morning band? Early morning band? I thought you didn't have to do early morning band anymore!

  2. Oh and I still have a gift certificate to get a pedicure. Excellent idea!

  3. Totally wanted to type the same thing as Whitney about the early morning band. Is it really camp or do you spend the time getting brain washed so that you do early morning band???I was planning on a pedicure before school starts as well. Maybe a girls day/night out??? I am always up for a walk!!!

  4. A walk sounds like fun. The weather is perfect! And YES on the pedicure!!!!! I have a certificate for a manicure also and I was thinking I might try to get that in this week as well... O' the joys of going back to work.