Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Memories and an Accidental Turn

Good Memories: Today when I pulled up to the 4-way stop by school, I saw a sight that immediately made me smile! Various fair rides were arriving at the Kiwanis Pavilion for the Fall Festival! It made me sort of excited! I love the small fair that Republic hosts every August. It takes me back......oh the fun we had back in the day! I can remember a ride on the "Zipper" vividly........couldn't stop laughing and screaming all at once. We thought we would be flung from the thing, the way it was twisting and turning. Ah, good times.

Accidental Turn: On our way to lunch today, I was telling Ashley where the restaurant was.....minus one right turn. So as I realize this, I notice another right turn option up ahead.......the right turn into the cemetery! Half joking, I say we could turn there.........and Ashley does! Thinking the road would lead us right out the other side, we venture down the cemetery road.........only to realize IT'S A MAZE OF LANES!!!! As we take multiple turns to find our way out, we imagine who will drive by to see a car full of teachers winding their way through a cemetery. Next time I give bad directions, let's take the long way around........


  1. I also like the little fair. A long time ago, it was ok to take your class. I remember my class and I had a wonderful time. We couldn't ride any of the rides, but we got to see the elphants and tigers.

    I would have loved to see you guys "lost". What a hoot!

  2. Your directions are usually so great Danavee. It must be the all mighty stress that the new school year is bringing. Or was someone trying to talk to you?!?!?!?!

  3. The long way around? Uhhh... I believe we did. The long way around.... and around.