Monday, July 19, 2010

Garage Sale Mishap

The fourth annual garage sale was a smashing success. We had fun. We made some bucks. We got rid of stuff. was a scorcher. Both days. Heatstroke inducing hotness.

And when you leave tea light candles out on a table in the heat, they melt.

And when you're clumsy and not paying attention, you spill them all over yourself when you go to pack them up for charity.

And then you have hot wax on your favorite t-shirt from Hawaii. And your shorts. And down your leg. On a superhot day.

Good times.......

The mission then becomes: How do you remove wax from clothing?

Determined to salvage this fave shirt of mine, I attempted a technique found by Schlager on Google. Materials needed: iron and brown paper bag.

After a trip to Dillon's to request paper, not plastic, I was set.

And so began the ironing of the shirt........with paper bag over soak up the wax the iron was remelting.

And VOILA...........

Thank you Schlager. Thank you Google.


  1. Basically, Google changed the way we live! :)

  2. Agreed... it answers basically everything.

  3. Are you kidding me? Wow! I am impressed!!! I was convinced your outfit was destined for the trash.

  4. Amazing! Now can you come over and get white paint out of my carpet?