Thursday, July 1, 2010

June 30th, 2010

Yesterday was monumental for a few reasons.

1. It was the fourth anniversary of the day I closed on my very own house. Bought by me. All by myself. GIRL POWER!

2. I was one of those people. I stood in line outside a theater waiting for it to open so I could see Eclipse on opening day. I am not usually one of those people. But I was, suddenly. Yesterday.

3. Yesterday was D Day. D stands for demolition. We tore the tile out of the bathroom. Flooring and walls.

It was fun at first. I did 80% of the floor on my own. I left the toilet area for the mister to tackle. But then we started the walls. I was over that in seconds. And in that moment, I decided that doing your own demolition, for the sake of saving a few bucks, is for the birds.

But this morning, now that I'm rested, the tile chunks are in the trash, the mister put plastic over a scary part of the bathroom wall, and I'm clean and no longer bleeding (yes, bleeding.......flying tile chunks are dangerous), it's not so bad. A day later.

What is bad is what we found under all that tile. We knew we had some issues to deal with. Remember that patched floor?

We were prepared for a bad floor. The floor tile wasn't even on cement board. They'd tiled directly to the wood sub-floor. COME ON!

We weren't prepared for a bad wall though......

Rot, rot, and more rot. A terrible patch job. Poor workmanship. And talk about creepy. That toilet has seen the last of me. Even though the mister put plastic over that area. No. Way.

Anyway, some of the demo is done. I have rugs strung out everywhere. We'll wait on the vanity, tub, and shower tile a little longer. It's our only full bath. And after all, we still need to shower. But thank goodness for another toilet.


  1. Looks like quite the job. Just keep thinking about what it will be like in the end!! And my bathroom is always open for ya!

  2. Good grief, you aren't afraid of anything! I'm over here, painting-which amounts to moving a roller over a wall and yawning... thinking I'm gonna die. Meanwhile, you're doing THAT. Geez. You're my hero.

  3. Makes me want to tear down my bathroom!!!