Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Love & Hate ~ 2nd Edition

Cave Crickets

One morning before work, I was greeted by one of these, perched atop my bathroom sink. Like it was waiting for me...............

I hate these creatures. Almost more than spiders.

Well, more than spiders actually. Because they jump. High. And they're fast. Super fast. Impossible to slam with a shoe.

And they find you at the most inopportune moments. Since they seem to be nocturnal and show up while you're barefoot and groggy.

So what did I do upon noticing the little creeper?

Well, I trapped it, of course. In a mug. In the sink. And filled the sink with water. Then smiled a smug little smile and went to fix my morning coffee.

And upon returning, there he was again. Same place as before. Looking at me from sink's edge.

Smug smile gone when realizing he'd crawled down the drain, which I hadn't plugged, and up through the overflow drain.

Round two begins: Drain closed..........check. Captured in mug..........check. Water in the sink.........check.

Left it all for the mister to find when he got up for work later.

I did leave a sweet note explaining the situation.

That is why I hate cave crickets.


The Annual Garage Sale

This huge event is coming up this weekend!!!! It never ceases to amaze me, that even though we donate every bit of what we don't sell, we are able to fill a driveway again every summer.

My goodies are priced and ready! Unlike last year, I'm not parting with anything sentimental. So I'm sure not to get teary eyed over selling anything. And I'm hoping we have time for a fashion show again. Some different friends are joining the crew this year, so it'll be bigger than ever! And more fun than ever!

That is why I love the annual garage sale.

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