Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Laundry Room Dreams

Since we have decided a tropical locale is probably not in our future this summer, I think I'll spend money vamping up my laundry space.

I know exactly what I want.  And Pinterest has captured my every wish.

This first image kills two birds with one stone. and white mosaic awesomness.  And paint.........the perfect green for my walls or cabinets.........     

More on the walls.  I want white wainscoting......

Source: via John on Pinterest

Our laundry is also a half bath, so I'll need to replace our wall mount sink.  I thought pedestal sink at first.  Then I saw this baby......

And lastly, what would a laundry room be without open shelving.....

A pull out ironing board would be a dream come true too!

Soooo, no cruise to the Bahamas, but won't doing laundry be more fun?


  1. I died when I saw the color Peppermint Bliss posted on George Banks. I'm jumping up and down screaming "PAINT IT GREEN! PAINT IT GREEN!"


  2. oh my. I love every bit of this room!!! Open green shelving/cabinets sounds fabulous!

  3. Stop smokin' what your smokin' and take the trip!! Laundry and I are NOT friends! But, hey, I like your positive attitude nonetheless! ;)

  4. Your laundry room is going to look amazing! I wish I was this creative!

  5. ohmygosh i love all of these :) great blog girl!

  6. Laundry is not my friend either... maybe it will be a self-fulfilled prophecy... Tell yourself that doing laundry is more fun than a vacation and eventually it might be true!

    And, as much as I do love a good vacation, it would be fun to walk into that gorgeous laundry room on a regular basis!

  7. love all of those! we're going to the home tour next weekend and I just know that I'll be dreaming of all the gorgeous laundry rooms!

  8. I looove that sink - actually that whole picture of that bathroom is super cute. Can't wait to see all your pictures of your renovations since every summer I live vicariously through you and your improvement projects (hope that doesn't sound stalker-ish, haha).

  9. right now i just want my laundry room to be clean and empty of laundry. after that, i will take one of each of these!!

  10. I love the green - I wouldn't think that I would like that color, but it's really pretty.