Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I Wore (on our anniversary)

Missouri has fickle weather.  Our anniversary proved that point.

The temperature dropped over ten degrees that day.  From the mid 70's to the low 60's in about two hours.

We left for our daytime anniversary outing (massages) wearing summer outfits.......

Dress (with pockets!) and sweater:  American Eagle

But when we left the spa, it was downright chilly!

We had to change into warmer outfits for our evening outing (dinner).  I caught the mister ironing his dress pants, so I figured I'd better try to match.........

Nancy, have I ever thanked you for picking out these shoes for your wedding?  Express capris and top!

Yes, my heels were sinking into the ground (above left).

No, we aren't into weed eating.


I really wanted to capture our dressed-upped-ness.  And so some begging took place.  The mister said he would pose only if I "didn't exploit him" on the blog or Facebook.  I promised (with my fingers crossed) that I would do no such thing on the interwebs.

So the self-timer was set, and the camera was perched on the trunk of my car.........

So I could absolutely exploit.

Please keep this between us.


  1. You two are so cute together! Great outfits.

  2. Happy anniversary! Ours is coming up in July, so I'm thinking about what I'll wear on our mini-vacation! :) You definitely are inspiring and beautiful!

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  3. oooh, the elusive kenny!!! he is so handsome, he should want to be exploited on the internet! just kidding! :) you two are so cute together and girl you looked hot! i did NOT realize i was texting you during anniversary dinner, SO SORRY!!! now kenny really thinks we're loony right??? you texting an imaginary friend on your anniversary date??? :)

  4. The dress and cardigan are just adorable and I love your dressed up outfit too. Happy Anniversary! Visiting from The Pleated Poppy :)

  5. Missouri weather is fickle but you two managed to pull it off with style! Happy Anniversary!

  6. So glad you love the shoes!! You two are gorgeous!! Happy Anniversary!!

  7. If he only knew you posted this I'm sure he'd give you the same face he did when your car started last night! Happy Anniversary!

  8. Haha my husband is the same way! Happy Anniversary you are a great looking couple!

  9. You look very happy together, a lovely photograph (and an equally lovely red dress!!)

  10. As always, your secret is safe with me!!! You two are one hot little couple! Loving your top! Hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary celebration!


  11. I live in MO too? Where are you? We are in STL. New follower from 3 and under hop. Love for you to follow back. You have a cute blog ;) Hosting Facebook hop now. Love to have you...

  12. love these outfits!! that dress is so cute!!

  13. Love the leopard top! Such a cute post.

  14. Happy anniversary! You looked fantastic! Found you via Casual Friday.

  15. Love the floral dress! The animal print top looks good on you... I don't think I could pull off an animal print shirt tho. I'm sure you guys had a wonderful anniversary both looked very happy.
    I'm visiting from 2-35 link up. :)

  16. Cute little dress! And that leopard top is totally amazing! Looks great with those black pants!

  17. Ha Ha. I'm sure you're husband won't's such an adorable photo :)

  18. Happy anniversary!! :D I truly hope you enjoyed it... and I love the floral dress btw
    Just wanted to thank you for supporting my blog, you are true angel <3 and I also wanted to let you know that my color psychology article is out if you would like to check it out

    lots of love