Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid-week Musings

Ever since I wrote out my summer to do list on individual Post-Its, I've slowly whittled my 20ish hearts down to about five.  This little tactic really motivated me.....

Yes, I had my bouts of laziness.  But overall, it gave me a visual of what I wanted/needed to accomplish.  And I could prioritize by moving my list around.

Throwing the hearts away was the best part of all.

Of course, I have a few huge projects left.  But July isn't over yet.

Annnnd we can park BOTH cars in the garage now.  This.  Is.  Huge.

*   *   *   *   *

Yesterday I got to hang out with not only one new blog friend, but TWO!

I spent the afternoon with Hello Sweet World!  We hit up Starbucks and a few thrift stores.  We both share a love for hoarding vintage. 

Then last night I got to sweat with Lauren at Zumba!  This wasn't our first meeting, but it was our first on-purpose gathering.  And I didn't attack her this time. 

Two super cool girls (and blogs).  I love making new friends!

 *   *   *   *   *

Annnd lastly.  If you read last Friday's post, you might remember reading about a crime scene down the street.

Well, the plot thickens.  There was, in fact, a body in the trash can.


Maybe instead of refinancing, we should begin a house hunt!?!


  1. Oh my gosh! So crazy! I missed the post Friday but geez!

  2. So proud of your accomplishments!!! So glad we got to work out yesterday together!!! Miss you already!

  3. I love the post it idea! Totally copying this. Instead of refinancing, I'm starting to hunt for a rental. :(

  4. Agh! (In regards to the murder).
    Where do you Zumba?

  5. Such a great idea, the post it notes! Another thing on my to do list.

    I completely understand how you feel about the wanting to move after your block is a crime scene. A year ago, I lived in a loft apartment. My neighbor beside me decided to murder his pregnant girlfriend. Such an awful thing to go through. I couldn't live there anymore without thinking about it each time I came home. needless to say, we moved.

  6. This is a fantastic idea. I am a really visual person so this would be perfect for me. This may well replace all the random to do lists I have lying around my apartment.

  7. I love the paper heart motivation. A body in a trash can is not something you want to hear happening in your neighborhood...OMG!

  8. ooh girl, proud of you for getting stuff done!

    and AGH! our theory about the guy murdering his roommate wasn't true - but where is the rooommate????

  9. Guuuuurl, no way!!!! That is cray cray!!! You need an alarm system, triple dead bolts and possibly a realtor!!! YIKES!!!!!

  10. seriously, i wonder how much more weird that whole story is going to get!?!

    And so glad I got to get my Zumba on with you...tonight again?!?

  11. You have nice handwriting! The blog meet sounds fun, you should post pics! The dead body story is too weird. Creepy!

  12. That is so great that you've met some blog friends in person! I'm dying to go to a meet up at some point! So fun!

  13. That post-it note is totally genius. Hope to see you at the link up, lady! :D

  14. Those poor discarded hearts :). This is a great idea. I love the idea of feeling like you have a sense of accomplishment at being able to mark something off of the list or throw a heart away.

  15. I just want to hang with you for a junkin' day. I know we'd have a great time - hopefully without dead bodies ;0

  16. Oh my gosh-- are you serious about the body?! And just when you got the garage cleaned out and all. =)

    Stopping by to say "thank you" so very much for joining us for The ALOHA Friday HOP and for leaving a sweet comment-- I still have yet to see Magic Mike-- do you think he's really a magician? =)

    Come on over anytime and if you'd like we're up and hoppin' like it's Friday, 'cause it is.