Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thrifting Frenzy

I've been holding out on you.  I've been thrifting up a storm and not sharing my finds.  I tease you with sneak peeks then forget to take pictures.

Well, wait no longer!

Pleated skirt (with belt loops - yes, that's important).  Belts in coral and royal blue (two of my current fave colors).  And a travel case..........

Three vintage blouses...........two with polka striped............two with neckties......

And a hodgepodge of goodies.........

Plant stands, Pyrex, and lamps.  Oh my!

Some of these items are duplicates of previous finds

Now I just have to decide what to keep or put in the booth!

When I find two of something, the decision gets so much easier.

And my garage is suffering for it.

Must work on that.


  1. LOVE that little vanity case, i've never seen one covered in such a cool fabric!

  2. I think some of those things used to be mine (am I old, or what!). I still have my ties from when we wore them with our blouses. Loved them so hoping they would come back in style. Maybe I'll get to wear them again!!!!

  3. These are all such great finds! Love them, especially the Pyrex and the vintage blouses.

    Just started following you from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop and can't wait to see more of your vintage finds. Would love a follow back! Thanks :)

  4. The plant stands and the Pyrex - too awesome.

  5. I love how you say your current two favorite colors. That is how I am!

    Lovely finds!

    The Joyful Thirfter

  6. love those belts and blouses especially!!

  7. Awesome! I love the travel case and the pyrex. Thrifting is so addictive!

  8. Love that maxi and your blog - now following
    Xo Megan

  9. Okay, I need all three tops and the pleated skirt. I will email you my address in just a second! Thanks! You're the BEST! ;)

  10. The train case is fantastic! Strangely enough, I also love the scale. ;) Great finds!

  11. So jealous! I used to go thrifting all.the.time. but where I'm currently living there are zero good options, :( I especially love the belts, blouses, and pyrex!

  12. Pyrex love. You have found some real treasures.

  13. I *heart* vintage Pyrex. Lucky You!

  14. I love the belts and the black polka dot shirt :D :D I seriously need some thrifting tips cause I usually (almost) get swindled :)

    1. I always have my phone handy to look things up on ebay! That helps! But I also don't like to spend very much, so that keeps me from going crazy on an item!

    2. wow interesting :D Actually a friend of mine told me that sth that was authentically vintage would usually be quite expensive.. but apparently that is a blatant case of bad advice :D But another question: how do you know that something is authentic or not if you have to buy it on ebay?
      Also thnx for commenting on my blog :D I'm glad you like the new look :D :D

  15. Those are all such amazing finds!