Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Special Room

My house has three bedrooms, none of which can be viewed by guests.  So, as far as guest bedrooms go, well, we have them.  We just don't have guests that spend the night.

Due to my hoarding problem, I've always had one bedroom serve as my storage unit.  Even though we have a storage unit.  It's for stuff that I don't want to put in the storage unit.

You may have heard me mention this "special room" once or twice

This room, as we know it, is going to change forever.

Mark my words, friends.  Mark my words.

The transformation sort of began last week with a very special birthday present from Schlag and Nancy.  These lovely ladies got this beveled mirror for me from Leola's.......

And we all immediately knew it would go above the headboard of my antique iron bed in the special room.

From there, my mind just couldn't stop thinking.  So I bought this........

And this.........

To go with this.......

My color scheme:  Shades of turquoise, 
gray, creamy white, and soft coral.  

With ten days of school left, the special room will be my first summer project.

And then I'll have to call it the "guest bedroom" instead.

I'm excited.

Now, who wants to be my first guest???


  1. I've been working on my guest room/work room/ Sage's room & it also has an iron bed. Love the mirror -- your friends have excellent taste. I have to get mine finished so I can put the house on the market. Good luck to us both! Jan

  2. It's going to be amazing! Can't wait for the reveal!

  3. Oh my goodness!?! This is quite a development! I am excited.

  4. I can't wait to see the finished room. I love ruffles and chevron patterns. Your room will be lovely for guests... ahh, I'm excited to see.
    Abi K

    1. Thank you!!!!!!!! I just need to get myself motivated to do the final clean!!!! It's a MESS!

  5. Love this so much. Is that an old radio on a chair next to the bed? Great idea. dawn