Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I like them.

I go through phases though.

I am coming down from a boot phase.......forced only by the season.

So since I must retire the boots, I have to move on.  But with the weather fluctuating so much lately, I haven't quite surrendered to flip flops just yet.

The perfect crazy weather spring shoe?   Cute, flat, slip-ons.

And because it's my birthday month and all, I decided to treat myself to not one, but three different pair.

Of course, all cute, flat, and slip-on........


And so now the buying ban has extended from vintage mirrors to shoes.  No more purchasing of either.  No.  More.

*   *   *

In other news, my duvet cover is scheduled to arrive by mail tomorrow (Thursday).  


I suppose I'll have to buy an actual duvet to put in it.  

My rug will be delayed by about three months.  Backordered.  But something to look forward to.

Something else to look forward to?


Only seven days of school left.


  1. I LOVEEEE the turquoise ones!!!

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  3. I was just about to say the same thing as Whit! I want some too!!

    JCPennys Homw Store has the best duvet for your buck...or Mark and the plane ride home on the 31st! He did say the English pound and the dollar are not good in comparison right now, so maybe stick with Pennys.

  4. Love the slip ons! With my unequally sized feet I cannot wear these cute peep toes. Hint on the duvets they are a pain in the booty, much easier to wash than a comforter, but ask Nancy about the time she watched me iron and literally get into my duvet cover to get it on...classic!