Thursday, May 5, 2011


Our first month of being "antique dealers" at Relics has come and gone.

I am thrilled to report a successful first month, with a pretty big check to show for it.  We totally made rent and then some.

They said that April is one of the slowest months, so if that's true, I'm excited for what's to come!

Every time I walk back to our booth and notice something missing, I do a little jig right there on the spot.

Having a booth is so.  much.  fun.

Except now that I'm constantly hunting for booth stuff, I'm having trouble parting with a few of my finds.  Must work on detaching myself from what I buy.

I have no willpower.


  1. Yay for pay day! Boo for having to use a majority of it to pay off my school lunch balance, not fun.

  2. congrats!!! 2 of the women from the shop are working on their new space right now. They're right across from the tearoom. It's Brenda & Pam -- stop by & see them. Jan