Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was one of those people on Saturday morning.

A vulture.

Waiting for the doors to open at an estate sale two doors down from my house.

No makeup.  Finger combed hair.  Clothes from the day before. 

All because of a picture I saw online......

I was pretty sure there was a darn good vintage tablecloth on the lowest shelf......left side......very bottom of the pile.  See the pink and white peeking out right above the shelf?  I was positive that was a treasure.

And I was right.........

Only $ stains.........and it's HUGE!
Look at those colors!  And the design!  Sigh.

Other fun things were to be found as well.....

I've had the larger pottery piece for years and about 
had a seizure when I saw the little one.  I'd spotted it
in the online picture gallery also.  It wasn't really a
bargain, but my bigger piece needed its match, right?

A full box of Shiny Brites.
Need I say more?

This estate sale was a little different than the one that turned me into a monster.  The prices at that particular sale were low, low, crazy low.  It was definitely a family orchestrated sale.  This other sale, however, was being run by a company specializing in estate sales, so prices were higher.  Needless to say, most of the items came home to stay.

Monster?  Vulture?

Sales do bad things to me!

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