Sunday, March 28, 2010


Spring break has come and gone. Back to work tomorrow. On this last chilly day I'm taking some time to think back over the week. It's been lovely. The week off has allowed me to catch up with so many wonderful people in my life. I'm very, VERY blessed to have so many amazing friends and such a sweet family.

It started with the annual
pedicure. Fun colors and
free nail polish! Thanks
Whit and Nancy!

Then later that night I won my first Scrabble game ever, thanks to a triple word score and the letters "f" and "k" in the word freak. 48 points baby!

Next was lunch after lunch with lots of different buddies: Andrea, Ashley, Julie, and Ang! Oh, how I love a leisurely lunch (or three) with my lovely ladies. Antique shopping too (STILL longing for a particular mirror that was a little too pricey).

Then there was family time. I have a precious family. Made the rounds to see all the grandparents (and their horses), along with the sister and babies. Mom and dad too, of course. Unfortunately, the Mr. was gone all week for work.

I didn't get a darn thing done on the house, other than keeping it clean. No painting or projects. But that's what I'll focus on this summer.

And speaking of summer, now my itch for the season is returning with full force. Nine weeks left in the school year. You BET I'm counting down.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Exhibit B: The Tub

Here's what I have:

I detest the sliding shower doors. I loathe the tile on the shower wall, which has been patched in one spot and doesn't really match. And no matter how much bleach-filled cleaner I scrub the floor of the tub with, you can still see the outline of flower petals from a long gone bath mat.


Here's what I want:

Now I realize, I probably won't get a claw foot tub this time around. It's not practical, in this house with only one and half bathrooms..........the half having only a sink and toilet, of course. But in my lifetime, I'd really love to have a bathroom with a claw foot tub.

Since this probably isn't the most practical of options, I'm guessing I'll have to settle on a normal tub with a great shower curtain. Away with the sliding doors, and in with the cascading black and white damask!

And I'm STILL waiting on someone famous with a TV show to come rescue my bathroom, because crossing my arms and nodding my head I Dream of Jeannie style did NOT work......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I don't have a good reason for loving this holiday, but I sure do. I look forward to it every year. There's just something about it. And since I'm a elementary teacher, I sort of get a free pass to really go overboard on the green. Where else can you get away with looking like a nut?

Fun socks..........

Fun green eye shadow that I totally can't pull off, but today's a free pass for looking silly! Remember?

And finally leprechaun stories............and silly headbands...........


Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Taco Wagon

For weeks, I've been driving by this on my way home from work:

That, my friends, is a portable building dubbed the Taco Wagon. Stationed in a vacant lot, this building on wheels claims to serve its namesake: tacos. Since noticing the Taco Wagon, I've been dying to sample the "$1.00 tacos" and "homemade tamales" the roadside banner advertises.

I tried convincing the husband one Sunday afternoon but received a firm "NO!"

Did you think I would give up that easily?

After scheming with a friend, we discovered both our husbands would be gone on a particular Friday night. So what better way to spend the evening and alleviate our curiosity?

That's when we arranged the Taco Wagon Wellness Night.

Great friends gathered to experience the restaurant on wheels. We were not disappointed. Or sick, after the fact, for all the skeptics out there.

And speaking of skeptics, the Mr. was still adamantly against the trying of the Taco Wagon, even after I survived the consumption of the roadside stand's vittles. I spoke of its glory, but there was no changing his mind.

But then something crazy happened today.

He asked where I wanted to have lunch. I said, "The Taco Wagon." He was still opposed to the idea. I dropped it. We got in the car. He began driving.......away from the main drag, where all the restaurants are........

He began driving toward the Taco Wagon.

My heart was soaring! Could it be? Was the Mr. giving in?

As he pulled into the lot where the restaurant-with-a-hitch sits, I had to throw my arms around him.

We ordered, and of course, he liked it. Chicken and steak tacos at their finest (with a Coke in a glass bottle, because drinking a Coke from a vintage style glass bottle is way more fun).

I'm so lucky. I have great, adventurous friends and a sweet husband that humors my silly, wild hares.

And now my Taco Wagon curiosity has been satisfied.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exhibit A: The Bathroom Floor

Here begins the detailed explanation as to why my bathroom MUST be gutted. I have a mountain of evidence. I'll break it down in small doses. Today, it's the floor.

Before I proceed, I must say don't judge me.

Here's what I have:

That is a circa 1967 mosaic ceramic tile floor which is, indeed, coming up in places. This issue was discovered during the home inspection upon the removal of the bathroom carpet.

Yes, you heard me. Carpet. In the bathroom.

The inspector pulled back the carpet. I was ecstatic to find tile, however, the more carpet we pulled back, the worse the tile got. Oh well. I was in the market for a fixer-upper, so this was no match for me and my home improvement skills.

And yet, it remains undone. Thank goodness for rugs.

For awhile, I pretended like the floor was a giant jigsaw puzzle. If a piece came up, I'd find its spot and snap it into place. Unfortunately, it started to happen more frequently. Going barefoot soon became dangerous. Tile would get stuck to the bottom of my feet. And once, I almost impaled my heel on the corner of a rogue square of tile. That's when the puzzle no longer was fun. Now tiles make their way to the trash on a daily basis.


Here's what I want:

I dream of honeycomb mosaic tile in black and white. Just like a vintage bathroom would have. This would be simple to lay. We could do this in a day. Grout the next day. And seal a day or two later. But it's not just the floor that has issues.

Remember how I said gutted? Yes, the floor is only the tip of the iceberg. That's precisely WHY the floor hasn't been dealt with. It's so much more than just the floor. And we'll get into that another day...........

Oprah! HGTV! Do you hear me yet?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Have a Dream...........

.................that one day I'll have a vintage bathroom.

Yes, you heard me........a vintage bathroom! Not a vintage functioning bathroom. A vintage looking bathroom.

Let me explain........

I am the not-so-proud owner of the skankiest bathroom ever. Yes, I knew this when I purchased my home. At the time, all I could think about was its potential.

And here I am, almost four years later, with the exact same bathroom.

Here's why........This project seemed so daunting, that I avoided it. Other projects came first: the exterior, the kitchen, and other randomness.

Lately though, the bathroom has been wearing on me. I just can't take it anymore. I'm ready for a non-skanky space. Ideally, HGTV would swoop in and come to my rescue. For free. Or Oprah would deem it the "ugliest bathroom in America" and Nate would come in and work his magic. But alas, neither of those things have happened.

So here I am, with my hopes and dreams. I have it all decorated in my head and everything. And since I know exactly what I want it to look like, I'm planning on boring you with the details in the coming weeks. You'll not only get a sneak peak at my dreams, but also the current state of the bathroom. You'll be provided with hard evidence as to why this bathroom must be gutted.

Stay tuned......