Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fave Find

Of allll my thrifted finds of 2012, there is one that takes the cake.

It is The Crowned Jewel of my thrifting adventures.  I've even featured it here on the ole blog.

But I'm not telling you what it is.  You'll have to hit up Jamie at Owl Really to find out.

Jamie is doing a fun series titled..........


And I'm thrilled that she asked me to share.

You'll probably fall in love with her (like I did)!  She's a vintage loving, booth keeping darling.  And I truly count her as a friend.

So head her way!  But before you hop over, what do you think my fave find is?

Take a guess........


  1. I'm going with your vintage brown boots. I can't remember the brand...but they're a good brand!

    1. OHHHH! My Frye's! DUH!!!! How did I NOT think of those!?!?!!

  2. I just peeked at Jamie's site... super cute! Definitely a wonderful find!

    Molly from!

  3. I would have guessed something you found for the secret room. OR the gnome Santa. I've already visited Jamie's site so I know that I am wrong...but I do adore what you did pick!

  4. I'm guessing the brown Frye boots (I think that is the right brand) or your sweet leather jacket that matches them!

  5. really wonderful find dear :D

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  6. My guess was a probably a piece of clothing. I know you well, very well.

  7. This is such a wonderful find!

  8. That dress is SO CUTE! And it fits you perfectly! You did score :)

  9. You find so many cool things, I can't even guess! Heading over to find out... :)

  10. This is cool! Thanks for sharing.

    Much Love