Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Things Friday

Other than school dismissing for the summer, this week was uneventful.  You'd think with a few days off, I'd have something exciting to post.

Not so much.

So instead of a weekly recap, I'm going to showcase five favorite spots in my house!

1.  This spot in my kitchen makes me soooo happy........

Read the story of this previously empty spot HERE.

2.  My mantel makes me smile........

Read my mantel story HERE.

3.  I especially love my bathroom (which does have curtains) and if you saw it before the remodel, you'd completely understand why...........

Read the saga of our much needed bathroom renovation HERE.

4.  Our porch.........

I love to sit and read on the top step.

5.  My red chippy paint trunk turned coffee table......

One of my favorite Leola's finds.

There you have it.  Five favorite house features.  A peek at my style!

Maybe next week will be more exciting.



  1. I need some ornate, cheap frames/mirrors for Taylor's room. They will be painted... don't need to be nice at all! Where should I go?

  2. Love those shelves in the kitchen. That reminded me that I have three kind of like that stored down in the basement. Gotta get my Stern German on that project!

  3. Just found you via High Five for Friday...

    Could you come decorate my house? Haha I absolutely LOVE all of your decor! It's fabulous!

  4. oh my gosh love your home decor style! I am about to tackle open shelving my our kitchen--- hopefully it will look as great as yours!

    xo Jessica

  5. I just love your house too each and every part!

  6. oh! i love your red chippy paint trunk turned coffee table. i have one i bought for husband's man room. its an old green footlocker and he loves it.

  7. I love what you did with the spot in your kitchen and the trunk is awesome!

  8. Your house is SO STINKIN' CUTE! I'm so in love with that part of your kitchen especially. When I get a house, want to come decorate it for me? :)

  9. love your house!! especially the coffee table!!

  10. your style and good taste are unmistakable!

  11. I love it!! So cute and cozy and homey! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your haven. :)

  12. Love your bathroom! That color blue is lovely. And that trunk isn't so bad either..... :)

  13. Your kitchen shelving makes me happy too, and it's not even mine!

  14. Your white vases, etc in the kitchen don't include milk glass do they? My grandmother has a great collection and started giving me pieces but I'd love to have a bunch. Do you ever see any in your thrifting travels??

    1. I don't have any milk glass in the kitchen, but I have some for my spare bedroom. I see it ALL the time for pretty darn thrift stores and garage sales. The thrift stores usually price them very reasonably.

    2. I may have to join this thrifting cult of yours...